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WordPress site for the client who provides personal courses about diplomacy

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Aug 18 - Sep 18

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Software Developer

Diplomatic Academy is a company providing accredited courses by Czech ministries on diplomacy. Client asked us to create a new fresh website with the good looking and professional design. In KOALA42 we decided to migrate the current website from Drupal to the most popular CMS out there - WordPress.

To save time and money the front-end was built using Webflow. After several weeks of designing the application in Webflow I received the HTML & CSS output from colleagues. With that output I started building the WordPress theme from scratch. Final theme uses Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) & custom post types for storing data about all teachers.

During that process we have created a wordpress-to-webflow plugin which can convert the Webflow menu to the wordpress menu for your. It is available for free of charge on GitHub.

Image of Diplomatic Academy Website
Image of Diplomatic Academy Website